It’s True: If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Then Any Road Will Get You There

22 08 2011

The HP Touchpad has been out about a month and it is already done.  In fact, I just saw an ad for it this morning which makes it ironic that HP would be discontinuing it so soon.  In fact, it looks like HP is giving up hardware entirely to focus on software and cloud technology which makes one wonder what they were thinking when purchasing Palm.

HP appears to be one of those companies that has been struggling to find its way in recent years.  Once a top innovator, they now appear to be a shell of their former self.  I have to ask what is their vision?  The ship seems to be sailing without a rudder and who knows what this latest twist will bring.  I remember reading about what HP did to inspire new ideas and get people to pioneer new technologies.  Recent years of mismanagement and false starts plus a strong focus on price has commoditized their offering.  We will see what HP becomes in the next few months.  I hope they are able to recreate the fire that made them great.

At times it is necessary to change direction from an established course.  However if that direction is not clear to your customer or your people you are in for a difficult ride.  As leaders we need to take the time to look beyond tomorrow.  All too often we get stuck in today.  So keep your head up.  Watch for opportunities.  Manage today yet plan for tomorrow.

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