The Time has Come

18 06 2019

How are you spending your time this Summer?

It’s time to perform better.

Father’s Day has come and gone. Graduations are wrapping up, and Summer is only a few days away. It’s hard to believe the year is half over.

This spring was extra special. Our oldest recently graduated high school and is now preparing to become a college student. Meanwhile our youngest is looking forward to summer camp, karate, and a break from studying. I’ve been able to enjoy the transition spending time preparing for our daughters grad party and practicing with my son for his next belt test. This is so different from where I was at before starting InVision.

Prior to launching this company in 2005 I was lost. I spent all my time working without ever seeming to get ahead. The ‘side hustle’ thing didn’t seem to work for me. I had two different businesses, was working with a friend on event planning, and getting about 4 hours of sleep a night while working a full-time job. Quality of life was non-existent. What I began to realize was hard work only gets you so far. After reflecting on my talents and figuring out what I could generate income from, I launched InVision. Today I spend my time helping business owners grow their businesses while improving their lifestyle.

Today business leaders come to me stressed out. They seem to be spinning their wheels and going nowhere. I’ve made it my mission to help these entrepreneurs improve their world. Now I want to help more.

When I wrote Apples to Apples, I explained what it took for a company to stand out from their competitors. My next book, Go Far, Go Fast! shares the elements of rapidly-growing companies that lead to long-term, sustained growth. Much of this told by owners of successful businesses. it’s also led to changing the coaching model to help these leaders apply these tools.

In May, I launched the Go Far, Go Fast! Academy to bring leaders together to learn collectively. We’re applying what I’ve learned over the past 30 years to create workplace cultures that help business thrive. My mastermind group, The Ultimate Braintrust, is rebranded to be the Winner’s Circle and provides an additional level of coaching. This is because I want to help more companies reach their full potential. That starts with people.

I would love you to participate as well. Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have groups you can interact, ask questions, share experiences, and learn.

Also join us at our site: to learn more about the book, catch interviews, and if your so inclined, join the Academy. Here you will get information from me and my trusted team of advisors, the Pit Crew.

If you join, you will have access to some awesome talent and who knows, maybe we can find some ways to increase your personal and professional performance along the way. Join the conversation today!

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